Empowering Communities: FNB Nepal’s Transformative Mediation Training in Darchula

Empowering Communities: FNB Nepal’s Transformative Mediation Training in Darchula

FNB Nepal recently organized an 8-day Basic Mediation Course in the picturesque town of Darchula, located a thousand kilometers away from Kathmandu. The course was held simultaneously in Shailyasikhar Municipality and Mahakali Municipality, training a select group of 50 aspiring community mediators. Led by legal professionals including Adv. Suman Neupane, Adv. Uma Thapa, Adv. Pratik Karmacharya, Adv. Irada Pahadi Adhikari and Adv. Krishna Mahara, the program aimed to equip participants with the essential skills and knowledge needed for effective mediation.

Under the coordination of the respective judicial committees, the aspiring community mediators were carefully selected from different wards to undergo this transformative training. Throughout the intensive 8-day course, participants immersed themselves in the core principles, techniques, and ethics of mediation. The trainers emphasized the importance of neutrality, effective communication, active listening, and ethical conduct in facilitating fair and satisfactory resolutions.

The dedication and enthusiasm of the participants were matched by the trainers’ unwavering commitment. The Honorable Judge for Darchula District closely observed the program and praised its activities, expressing confidence in the participants’ ability to successfully perform their duties as community mediators.

The ultimate goal of this training program is to enhance access to justice within the community. Equipped with the skills and knowledge gained during the course, the trained community mediators will play a vital role in resolving disputes and promoting harmony. By fostering accessible justice and alternative dispute resolution, their efforts will contribute to building a more equitable and peaceful society within their respective municipalities.

As the training concluded, FNB Nepal conveyed its sincere wishes to the trained community mediators for a successful journey ahead. Their acquired skills and the spirit of mediation are poised to become catalysts for positive change, fostering peaceful coexistence and amicable dispute resolution within the community.

FNB Nepal’s 8-day Basic Mediation Course in Darchula stands as a testament to the organization’s commitment to promoting alternative dispute resolution and access to justice. By empowering aspiring community mediators, FNB Nepal is paving the way towards a more harmonious and equitable future for all.


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