“Ensuring sustainable development by enhancing access to justice”
Forum for Nation Building (FNB) Nepal is a non-profit making organization established in March, 2013 by youths of Nepal. FNB, Nepal is an association of diversified youths who have been working in the different professions that has direct and indirect connection on nation building process. The organization is registered at Kathmandu District Administration Office (DAO) in March 2013 and affiliated to Social Welfare Council (SWC) of Nepal.

FNB, Nepal envisions the holistic development of the country with the assurance of full enjoyment of human rights for dignified living standard of individual. We believe the coordination of different entities of government and non-government organizations, effective implementation of existing laws, rules and regulations and development of holistic plans and policies is necessary for sustainable development of the country. Thus we work to contribute on nation building initiatives with collaboration, cooperation and dedicated actions with different stakeholders within and outside the country.

FNB, Nepal Drives Through Sustainable, Cooperative, Voluntary And Synergetic Initiatives For Holistic Development Of The Country.

FNB, Nepal Foresees The Holistic Development Of The Country With Dignified Life Of Every Individual.

Advanced, Practical And Sustainable Government Plans, Policies And Laws For Holistic Development Of The Country Where Every Individual Can Enjoy Dignified Life With Full Enjoyment Of Human Rights.