Pro Bono Initiative

FNB Nepal has trained and mobilized more than 120 lawyers, paralegals, law and social science students through its various interventions at grassroots and policy making levels. The organization has furthermore provided a platform for emerging lawyers, para legal and law students to practice their interest in human rights with the motive of developing pro bono culture.

FNB Nepal is also amongst the local organizers for 8th Asia Pro Bono Conference and Access to Justice Exchange with the motto ‘Justice for All: Empower – Engage – Sustain’ to be held in Kathmandu from 13th-15th September.

The organization has been subjected to rewards as finalist for the Achmed Dean Sesay Memorial Prize for Innovation in the 2017 Grassroots Justice Price Competition and has also been shortlisted for the PILnet’s award 2018 for local pro bono impact honouring the theme of CMLC for earthquake survivors as one of the best innovative pro bono legal project around the globe.