Core Values


FNB, Nepal is accountable in its initiatives in line with international frameworks and obligations for transparent and effective use of resources in compliance with Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness (Ownership, Harmonization, Alignment, Results and Mutual Accountability), and the fourth high-level forum on aid effectiveness held in Bussan, South Korea, 2011.


FNB, Nepal is dedicated for equality, human dignity, human rights, democratic principles and practices and follows the principles of good governance. We also support the dignified life of people during humanitarian crisis.


FNB, Nepal is committed to gender equality and social inclusiveness (GESI).


FNB, Nepal initiatives are open and transparent.


FNB, Nepal is committed to partnership, collaboration and networking among government and concerned local, national and international agencies/organizations for shared solutions that generates greater impact of the initiatives and reduces the cost, duplication and derives replicating impacts.