Addressing the justice needs during pandemic through CMLC

Forum for Nation Building (FNB) Nepal, always works to support the poor, marginalized and vulnerable people for providing access to justice. Also, in recent context, the organization is constantly working in response to Covid 19 pandemic and distributing protectives, hand hygiene and other relief materials. The organization is also conducting awareness, information and advocacy programs through Community Mobile Legal Clinic by taking all the necessary precautions and protective measures.________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Forum for Nation Building (FNB) Nepal, organized a Community Mobile Legal Clinic in collaboration with Sunkoshi VDC Municipality Ward- 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7, Sindhuli, where discussion was held on post-earthquake reconstruction policy issues, legal information on Civil and Criminal code 2074 and Entrepreneur Concessional Loans that took place from 2077/08/23 to 2077/08/27. Also, hand washing soap and mask were distributed to the participants. A total of 379 people including 278 women and 101 men were present in the program, where 151 people from the Brahmin community, 50 people from the Dalit community and 176 people from the Janajati community were present. The program was attended by people between the age group of 25 to 60 years.____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________In the first phase, the content of the program was informed and in the second phase, discussions with consultations were held. Discussions were conducted both collectively and individually. Discussions were held on important issues including reconstruction problems, partition, polygamy, and concessional loans. Lawyers and staff of FNB Nepal informed about the institutional identity, had facilitated the session. Chairpersons and members of the concerned wards also attended the program.



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