Madhu Villas Pandit

Madhu Villas Pandit

Madhu Villas Pandit, on the surface, is an extremely accomplished civil service professionalhaving more

than 30 years experiences as section officer at Ministry of Industry (1982) and Ministry of Home (1986)

and undersecretary at Ministry of health and population (2003), Ministry of Peace and Reconstruction

(2010) and Ministry of Labor and Employment (2012). Mr. Pandit has completed his bachelor’s degree in

Arts (1980) and Education (1997) from Tribhuwan University. Mr. Pandit is championin Interpersonal

communication and computer skill along with proficiency in English, Nepali and Hindi languages both oral

and written. Mr. Pandit has also attended various national and international trainings thus helping to

enhance his personal and professional skills.