CMLC for Legal Remedy to Earthquake Victims


CMLC for Legal Remedy to Earthquake Victims

A community mobile clinic for legal remedy to earthquake victims was organized on May 1, 2016 at Kamalbinayak, Bhaktapur for the first time as a part of the project. The clinic was established in one of the tent of homeless people whose houses were demolished by last year earthquake. To invite local earthquake victims to the program, social mobilizers were mobilized. In the program, local victims, lawyers, project staff, social mobilizer were present. Altogether 55 participants were present on the mobile clinic out of which 42 were female and 13 were male. The age group of the participants ranging from 22 to 75.

The program was conducted in two sessions. The first session was mainly concentrated on introduction of the program and organization FNB Nepal which was followed by closely legal and psychological counseling to the participants. In the first session, speaking on the occasion, lawyer Anita Jadhari shed light on objectives of FNB Nepal. She further stated that FNB Nepal was established with the sublime aim of facilitating nation building in different ways. It is going to organize 30 mobile clinic in Bhaktapur only. She also queried what types of problems participants were facing after earthquake and requested participants to share their grievances with lawyers who were present on the occasion so that their problems can be sorted out.

Another lawyer Anil Kumar Shrestha shed light on what types of problems participants are facing and what would be the solution. He explained that due to earthquake houses are demolished, land certificate, citizen certificate and academic certificate were covered under the debris of demolished houses. How can one make new certificate? He further explained that one can go to District Administration Office to issue new duplicate citizen certificate by submitting photocopy of the certificate. If one has not photocopy, he can achieve it from bank, office where he/she might have submitted. Likewise, to take SLC certificate, one should get recommendation letter from school from where he appeared in SLC exam. Then by taking recommendation letter, one should go Sanothimi Bhaktapur to issue certificate.  Then he explained how one can get loan to rebuild their houses. For this, first of all engineer comes to their houses to confirm whether the house is demolished or not. After confirming that the house is demolished, Rs. 200,000 will be provided in 3 installments, first 50,000. After foundation of house is built, second installment of Rs. 80,000 will be given, thereafter 70,000 will be given. Hence, lawyer Anil K. Shrestha make participants aware about different kinds of problem they are facing and told about possible solution.

Thereafter, the second session of case hearing, counseling and consultation was begun. In this session, the lawyers closely listened to the grievances and problems of the participant they are facing. After listening their problem, lawyers have tried their level best to suggest best solution. In this session, 10 participants shared their problems and they were assured to maintain their conversation in confidence. A form was filled of each participant with detail description of the case and counseling offered.

Hence, one day mobile clinic program was accomplished with remarkable output. Participants were very enthusiastic about the program. They actively participated in the program. It is noticed that such mobile clinic can help them a lot to sort out their daunting problem which surpassed their day to day life. They are ignorant in many legal matter in which this mobile clinic can help.

Some representative case study

1.  Sarita Koju :(Name changed) She has house in Tumacho Dugure. There are many brothers. They have to pay Rs. 17 lakh for planning so it is difficult to rebuild house. Advised to submit joint application to concerned planning.

2. Maya Prajapati: (Name changed) Three brothers were living in three separate houses. Those three houses were damaged by earthquake. Two brothers got earthquake victim card, but one could not get it due to not establishing relationship. First of all relationship should be established. For that, she should go concerned office. If relationship is not established, FNB will help.

3. Bishwa Kusi: (Name changed) House was damaged. No other property. All brothers live together. Mother's land is being used by one brother only. Whether he has right to that land or not? He can get that land. For that, he should file case against his brother.