Policy advocacy meeting of Kathmandu

Policy advocacy meeting was conducted on 4th June 2018 at National Reconstruction Authority (NRA), Singhadurbar, Kathmandu with Lal Bahadur Basnet, NRA section officer. A documented list of questionnaires compiled from the case records of the project locations being carried under the Community Mobile Legal Clinic (CMLC) was presented and discussed with Mr. Basnet. The major and collective issues such as the non-uniformity of re-survey, delay of grievance mechanism, lack of manpower, materials and the current situation and its update were also provided by FNB to NRA. Likewise, FNB also shared its field experiences of CMLC and presented the prevailing complications of the reconstruction in those locations. Recently a team from FNB Nepal conducted Focus Group Discussion where partakers facilitated about the delay and other complications of housing being reconstructed by NRA. Problems relating to the private house reconstruction were also stated in meeting. Mr. Basnet in return provided the new changes and other updates of NRA. He further articulated the procedural currently under review for single women, people with disability and old aged population regarding their construction of private housings. Mr. Basnet also thanked and applauded the effort that FNB Nepal has been putting in for the reconstruction thus helping the NRA and Government.

Policy advocacy meeting of Bhaktapur

On 7th September, 2018 Policy advocacy was conducted at Hotel Sweet Home, Bhaktapur with 46 (Male and Female) participants of Federation of Nepalese Journalist (FNJ) Bhaktapur. Adv. Tikaram Bhattari provided the information about the rights and duties of journalist and freedom in some of the approach which is restricted under the 'Civil and Criminal Code 2074". Journalist had quarries on news that can be posted without the approval of concerned party and reason they cannot use photo in newspaper after editing which were clarified by the lawyers.

Policy advocacy meeting of Sindhupalchowk

Forum For Nation Building(FNB) Nepal conducted Policy Advocacy Interaction and Meeting on 16th August, 2018 in Sindhupalchowk, Chautara with 35 (23 Male and 12 Female) participants involving representatives from political parties, District Coordination Committee, Nepal Police and Local community people. The meeting was focused on discussion and interaction among the participants regarding procedural complexity faced by people and local authorities. FNB Nepal shared its field experiences of CMLC and presented the prevailing complications of the reconstruction in those locations. The local representatives provided commitment to support the local people in receiving grant.