National Conference


National Conference

The Project Outcome Sharing and Interaction Program conjointly National conference entitled

National Conference on an Effort for Access to Justice of Earthquake Victims

was organized on 30thMarch 2018 at Kathmandu. The participants of the programs were lawyers, local government officials, journalists, researchers, academicians, NGO and INGO professionals, political representatives, law students, social science students and others.  Total 64 people attended the program.

The program commenced with registration of the attendees followed by introduction and formalities of the program. Mr. Ramesh Adhikari, FNB’s district coordinator for Gorkha district facilitated with the welcome speech subsequent to the unveiling of the book by the chief guests, the booklet published by the organization encompassing the outcomes and findings of the project. Mr. Nirmal Kumar Upreti, president of FNB Nepal also presented the facts, figures, outcomes, findings and recommendation for concerned stakeholders derived from the conclusion of the action plan.

One of the chief guests Mr. Yuvaraj Bhusal, CEO of National Reconstruction Authority put forward the current context, problems and probable solutions of the ongoing reconstruction. He also discussed about the negligence and its answerability of the representatives of the authority. He further unofficially provided the facts regarding the ongoing efforts and revision in the current as well as new procedures to be implemented by the authority very soon. In his protracted speech the attendees of the program were also provided with the actual facts, figures, achievements, defects and the current situation of the authority. The chief guest also applauded and thanked FNB Nepal for the efforts being put on, helping to ease the load of the authority as well as providing efficient remedy to the earthquake victims.     

Another chief guest Mr. Saroj Thapaliya, spokesperson for Guthi Sansthan (Corporation) shed lights at the problems being encountered by earthquake victims due to the unsettled debate regarding guthi lands and vague legal procedures relating to it. Mr. Thapaliya assured the participants that the corporation is working over major changes and progressive amendments of the Guthi Corporation Act, 2033 of Nepal which will also be effective for the earthquake victims for rebuilding their housings.

Mr. Milan Wagle, chief guest and Architect & Rural Development Expert discoursed about the lack of training and guidance of the government for the engineers which is causing major debates in the reconstruction of housing especially in the rural areas. Mr. Wagle was speaking on behalf of the earthquake victims while putting forward the questions to the NRA representative attendees. He also praised for the idea of FNB to train the newly elected local government representatives which is most essential aspect for the development of good governance under the newly implemented federalist approach of the country.

For the last session of the day, a brief interaction and round table discussion took place where the attendees put forward their queries among the chief judges and other concerned stakeholders present at the program. The multiple questions of the attendees were generously and tactfully answered by Mr. Lal Bahadur Basnet, departmental head of NRA. He also noted several serious natured questions that would need further discussions within the NRA. Mr. Basnet also thanked for the questions, suggestions and recommendations of the participants which he believed will lead to the progression of the functioning of NRA.

The conference was successful to address the current issues and problems of earthquake victims to wards to concerned government and other stakeholders.


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